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a promise.

Nightly trips to Ralphs, getting drunk in The Loft, driving down Venice, listening to this music.

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Throw some tunes on the Sonos.

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Superman Returns Again, But This Time He’s Super-Serious, Guys


As much as I’d like to talk about Batman all day, there are other superheroes that interest me. In fact, I’m as interested in the idea of Superman as I am in his more downbeat and more plausible (relatively speaking) counterpart. One of the first Superman comics I read was Superman #82, where he returns from the dead wielding laser guns, a cape-less, entirely black suit, and most importantly, a mullet.

So I guess you could say I’m used to a more, say, different approach to the character. I generally prefer Superman stories that recast the idea of the character in different setting or scenario. A dying All-Star Superman, the Soviet-era Red Son, or the real life Secret Identity are all great versions of the character because they show that he’s more than just a powerful guy in a red cape. His morals and ideals make him something truly inspirational and heroic, and these tend to change very little throughout the character’s 75-year history of comics, television shows, and films.

This year’s Man of Steel movie attempts to add a new wrinkle to that history- that Superman is a complete fucking idiot.

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The new oOoOO album is the cure for this heatwave. So unbelievably good.

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(LAWLESS) - Notes on notes.

I write for a website. There are worse things. Let’s see how long I last.

Hey, y’all dorks. I shot this back in November and I’m so bad at the world that it took me this long, three firewire 800 cables later, to get it up. Get it up. That’s what I couldn’t do. Get. It. Up. On the line. Online. Deal with it. Turn it goddamned up.

¡Que Viva!

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Hatteras Street.

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Skip step #2.

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Music that Jon Should Listen to for When We Score Sick

Sick by aisle7deluxe on Grooveshark

(LAWLESS) I shot this with some folks. Ridiculous people. Get in on the irony.